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Campbell River’s Best Oil Change Choice – Dare to compare! Lowest Priced, No Appointment Necessary, Includes Mini Detail, Car Wash

Over 30 Years of Service Experience

Steve Marshall Ford is happy to provide the solution to your need for fast, efficient and reasonably priced vehicle maintenance.

Test Our state of the art facility houses up-to-date diagnostic technology that is put to use on your behalf by our technicians.   With over thirty years in the industry, and ongoing training to stay up on the latest technology trends, the Steve Marshall Ford maintenance team takes great pride and pleasure in solving your auto maintenance needs.

Convenient and Cost Effective for All Makes and Models

No Need to DIY, Steve Marshall Ford is here for you!

Welcome neighbor! Ooooh, nice wheels! Yes, my car is my baby, too, and, like any baby, they get dirty and gotta have an “oil change” on a regular basis! Same as you, I simply am not confident enough to attempt doing this myself!

So happy you chose Steve Marshall Ford to take care of that for you. It is good to know that the word is getting out that we are equipped to complete warranty work on ALL makes and models, in addition to Fords.

We really do take pride in the fact that we offer the fastest, most convenient oil change service at the very best price in the area.

As industry experts, we know that your car means much more to you than a means of meeting your transportation needs. Your car is an extension of your life.


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Quick Lane with No Appointment Needed

You rely on your car to get you from point A to point Z during your busy day. From your choice of car, I’m thinking it is also an important part of who you are.

You want stylish, comfortable,  and gas efficient. You want minimum maintenance time. . and, you NEED reliability.

That’s where we excel, you can rely on us to keep your car in tip top shape, at your convenience and with minimal disruption to your day.

Regular oil changes, every 6 months or 8,000 kilometers are KEY to the health of your engine.  I can remember the day when I would run my poor car well beyond that limit. As long as the car started when I turned the key, I was happy.

I found out later that not only was I jeopardizing the efficiency of my engine, it was costing me in mileage as well.

What’s that?

You almost did not stop in because you have to be downtown in an hour?  No Problem. You’ll have your oil changed and your car cleaned inside and out within the next 30 minutes.

I also used to be tempted to put off routine maintenance because I felt it would take up too much of my day.

Not anymore! Now I just pull up, on my way to work, and let the Steve Marshall Ford team take care of my maintenance (which protects my warranty).

BONUS – a car wash – including interior vacuuming and shampooing your floor mats – is INCLUDED!

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With our Oil Changes you get a Wash & Vacuum

car wash
 Clean car, happy driver

Don’t know about you, but there’s something about stepping into a freshly vacuumed, shiny clean car that makes me smile! Right?

Bring your car forward, yup, just there, over those red marks, that machine will check your tires, for tread and air pressure; aren’t computers amazing?

Cool, huh?

We (well, the maintenance team.. not me) will also check your wheel alignment and you will even get a print-out to show you where you stand with wear.

Hmmm? Of course!

If the inspection shows your tires are worn, our service technicians will check to see which tires are available for purchase.
If we don’t have them in stock, for sure, they can be ordered, and Sara will schedule a time for you to drop off your car for that.

For now, bring your car on forward, over the pit and the Quick Lane techs will change the oil and check the fluids.  Our state of the art service area is set up to get through this process with the fluids best suited to your vehicle.

Pretty sure your car is ok without using the synthetic oil, (our techs will know for sure) but we do have it available for those vehicles that need it.

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For Your Comfort and Convenience

Steve Marshall FordLounge

There, all set? The team will take from here. No need for you to stay out here; let me show you our front of house space.

Come on in, don’t mind your shoes, we are all family here. The service won’t take long, but in the meantime here’s a really comfy lounge area for you to catch your breath.

Here, have a seat.

Need to check your email?

No problem, just log in on our complimentary WiFi. There’s the log-in and password posted on the wall, just above the coffee pot. Don’t drink coffee? All good, there’s tea, or water, oh, and if you skipped breakfast, we have popcorn! Breakfast of champions.

If the team finds something requiring repair, they will let you know so that you can schedule a time to drop off your car.

When you come back, you are welcome to hang out and chill in the lounge as you wait for the repair. 

That said, if you have a full day ahead,  we do offer a complimentary shuttle service, so no worry about losing too much time waiting around for your wheels.

Whether it’s a quick run in for an oil change and a car wash, or a repair that you’ve been putting off,  Steve Marshall Ford is here for you.

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85 Point Inspection

Maintenance Checklist
Checking All the Boxes

Did I mention that our maintenance team has 30 plus years of experience in working on vehicles of all makes and models?  Their experience contributes to how quickly and accurately they can get you through this process.

Your 85 point inspection includes tire wear check, alignment check, fluid level check and oil change (up to 5 litres of non-synthetic oil).

When they finish the inspection, reports with results and recommendations for items that may need further attention are printed out for you to have on hand.

As I mentioned earlier, if additional repairs are needed, the Steve Marshall Ford team is qualified to do maintenance repair across the spectrum of automobiles.

We even have a gentleman who brings his Volkswagen Karmann Ghia in for maintenance.


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Terms of Engagement

Steve Marshall Ford at Your Service

If you are a mechanic, or an avid do-it-yourselfer, you will surely find this section boring. However, if you’re like me, and just love the way a car looks and feels to drive and have zero knowledge of what makes it work, you may find this section interesting.  

Key Maintenance Terms:


Remember I told you I rarely, well, no, actually, never used to give any thought to the importance of getting the oil changed regularly? I would just run the car as a gas and go.

 That was, until I  actually purchased a new vehicle, a vehicle with a warranty that REQUIRED regular maintenance checks and oil changes.  Now, finally get the concept that regular maintenance is  key to the life of the engine and to getting optimal performance, including better gas mileage.

Oil is the lifeblood of your engine, and the key word here is viscosity. 

Viscosity – refers to a fluid’s resistance to flow. Viscosity is generally rated based on how thick the oil is at zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Motor oil becomes thinner and runnier as it heats up and thickens as it cools. Generally, thicker oil maintains a better film of lubrication between moving parts and seals vital components of your engine better.

What the numbers mean – for those of you who just turn the key and go (yes, I plead guilty) here’s a bit of information:

With the proper additives to help it resist thinning too much in the heat, an oil can be rated for one viscosity when cold and another when hot.

The more resistant oil is to thinning, the higher the second number.. ie 10W-40 vs 10W30 – 10 W 40 would be the choice for a super hot summer, or high engine use.

Conversely, in the winter, you want a lower number, because the oil needs to to resist thickening in the cold.

In the winter, excessively thick oil can make it more difficult to start the engine.

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Staying in Alignment

Alignment Explained

Out of Alignment?

Being out of alignment is as bad for your car as it is for your spirit.
Let me explain. As you drive bumpy roads, or hit potholes, you are throwing your wheels out of alignment. As with a team of horses, if the horses are not running together, they are working against one another.

You can tell your wheels are out of alignment when your car drifts drastically when you leave your hand off the steering wheel.

What’s the difference between tire alignment and tire balancing?

Alignment has to do with how the tires are positioned on the vehicle, balance has to do with the weights within the tire.

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Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

You’ve heard your health experts and physicians repeatedly advise the importance of proper hydration. Well, guess what?

Fluids are the lifeblood of your vehicle.

Windshield cleaner – Pretty sure you have experienced the obvious annoyance when the windshield cleaner refuses to squirt on demand. Remember that yukky smeariness of road dust all over your windshield?  In addition to being annoying, being unable to see through your windshield definitely impairs driving safety!

Yes, that can be avoided when you come in for your oil change, because the fluid check includes checking the windshield fluid.

Of note: Filling the reservoir with plain water may be tempting, but from a health standpoint, NOT a good idea!

But, as annoying as a smeared windshield may be, there are much more drastic consequences to not checking fluids lurking beneath the hood of your car.

Coolant – true to its name, keeps your engine from overheating as it works through the day. This is automatically checked when you come in for your oil change.

Transmission fluid – keeps the gears running smoothly – by lubricating and cooling the gears, clutches and valves which must move smoothly in conjunction with one another. The check is more to assess the quality of the fluid rather than the level. The service team checks this as a routine part of the oil change service.

Power steering fluid – if you have ever driven a car that did not have power steering you probably remember how difficult it was just turning a corner,
let alone the agony of trying to paralell park. Well, now, with power steering comes the requirement for pressurized fluid to keep the hydraulics moving smoothly.
With most cars these days, as long as you stick to your regular oil check schedule, you should be good to go.

Brake Fluid – modern car brakes, same as power steering, operate on hydraulics, meaning that fluid connects the pedal to the brakes.
When you step on the brake pedal, a plunger pressurizes the brake fluid inside the lines, which causes the brake ads to clamp on the rotors and slow your car.
So, if you have any plans to control the speed of your car, brake fluid is a key component.  As with the transmission fluid, the concern is not the level but the quality of the fluid. This is checked each time your oil is checked, but realistically,
it should only need to be changed every couple of years.

Don't Take Your Tread Lightly

Tire Balance